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J.Reach for the Stars

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BORN: 2014


HEIGHT: 170 cms

BONE: 22.0 cms

ISH STUDBOOK: Registered 2018


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There is a bright star shining in what is already the brightest constellation in the firmament – he’s called J. Reach for the Stars.

The glittery grey stallion caused an enthusiastic furore following his arrival to Drumhowan Stud in 2018. Because Reach For The Stars offers breeders a bright new opportunity to use a young, promising and performance pedigree enhancing stallion. He descends from a stellar family.


And Irish mare owners can reach for their own star with easy access now to fresh semen from this inspirational addition to the Drumhowan roster of top stallions.

Reach For The Stars combines the best stallions, the big names, the big sires … Big Star, Heartbreaker, Pilot, Guidam, Nimmerdor and Abgar (xx). He offers breeders the first and “believed to be” the exclusive stallion “in the flesh”, representing Big Star, in Ireland.


J.Reach for the Stars formerly known as JD Sean de Landetta


The world famous stars in this galaxy are known for their own incredible performance values, temperament, and athleticism - and the ability to pass those qualities on, whether through the prepotent sire or dam line.

Glittering stars in the immediate pedigree such as...

Big Star, Quickstar, Galoubet A, Nimmerdor both top and bottom, Ramiro, Sunrise, Heartbreaker, Bacarole. J.Pandora, Pilot, and Weltmeister; Guidam, and Quidam de Revel, Jalisco B and Farn.


E Star (Big Star x Guidam)

sire of J. Reach for the Stars

Bred in the Netherlands, Reach For The Stars is the son of E-Star (Big Star x Heartbreaker). E-Star is the result of an astute breeding decision – one of Big Star’s very first offspring!

Bred by Mario Everse, E-Star’s dam, Sunrise, descends from the dam line who produced the Grand Prix horse Chocola Z. E-Star was successful in young horse competitions, before being purchased by the sponsor of top Swiss rider Janika Spruner. Big Star himself was also owned by Mario Everse before he went to Nick Skelton. Big Star with Nick, became one of the best show-jumping horses in the world. They achieved numerous high profile wins including two Olympic titles.

Reach For The Stars, the grandson of Big Star.

out of Guidam mare

Big Star (above)

Nick himself has referred to Big Star as “the best horse I have ever ridden”. It is also notable that this exceptional stallion is passing his athleticism and incredible temperament onto his progeny.

When E Star was four, in 2013, he was making headlines throughout Europe. He won the competition for young horses during Jumping Twente, the CSI show in Geesteren – and he proved himself the best out of a field of 120 horses.

Video shows E-Star at Geesteren

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Before that high profile success he also won the famous competitions in Etten-Leur and also in Strijen.

E-Star's damline

E-Star was bred by Mario Everse out of the damline that produced also his other GP-horse Chocola Z. and a host of 1.60, 1.50, and 1.45 horses including Billy Twomey’s Aminko N (1.60) and Uminka, dam of Coco Bongo Boy (1.60)

Big Star himself was owned by Mario Everse before he went to Nick Skelton.

As a five year old E Star was purchased by the sponsor of the Swiss top rider Janika Sprunger, replacing her top Baloubet de Rouet horse, Palloubet d’Halong which had been sold to Quatar, and joining her other ride Bacardi VDL (s. Corland).



Zerminka N

The dam of Reach For The Stars, Zerminka N, boasts a luxurious pedigree and performers. Firstly her line of top stallions, Guidam, Nimmerdor and Abgar (TB>) are all crossed.

Secondly Zerminka N, herself is the half sister of Kyminka s.j. 1.50m (Guancarlo Guastella) (ITA) and the BWP Approved Stallion Lumberjack Van De Bucxtale. Her pedigree is laced with proven show-jumpers like:

 AMINKO N – 1.60m s.j. (Billly Twomey/Bertram Allen)
 COCO BONGO BOY -1.60m s.j. (Otmar Eckermann)
 BUMINKA – 1.45m s.j. (ITA)
 RAMBLER VD – 1.45m s.j. (GER)
 WICKY DE MONTSEC VD – 1.40m s.j. (GER)
 DUTCH BLUE - 1.40m s.j. (NED)
 Along with several other active show-jumpers competing from 1.30m – 1.40m, in the family.

Grand-damsire Quidam de Ravel

grand damsire

The very best of “star names” in the damline of J Reach for the Stars with an undisputed stellar line of top performers from the line going back just to the third dam Zyminka, second dam Eminka, and first dam Zerminka who is by the late lamented Guidam by Quidam de Revel, stood by one of the world’s most famous breeders Jan Greve.

QuidamJan Greve: “I used Quidam years ago when no-one had heard of him. I bought Guidam out of his first crop. I heard that Quidam de Revel was jumping good, and he has got the most fantastic pedigree in the world, it’s all international or Olympic horses. So I looked for, and found, Guidam, who also proved to be a very good sire, I’m always looking for something new. Quidam de Revel is no longer a goal for me, everyone is using him. It was nice to breed to with him at the time when no one used him, now it’s too crowded on the bus. And I believe his son Guidam is better, if he gets the same mares as his father, he is better, more rideable, more elasticity, more power to collect. That is very important for the showjumper, to be able to collect the body, to make a stride on a metre and jump up – that is one of the most important things.”

Damsire - Guidam

damsireAs a sire Guidam, has been ranked No.1 in KWPN breeding index and No.1 in USEF jumper sires rankings. He is the sire of innumerable Grand Prix and International Showjumpers including Authentic, USA Horse of the Year 2004 and Olympic Gold Medalist – and very much one of the stars of the 2006 WEG in Aachen, Luidam, the 2004 Aga Khan Nations Cup Winner and Liona, ridden by Hervé Godignon who rode Guidam’s sire, Quidam de Revel, to team bronze at Barcelona.

“Guidam possesses, as a stallion, all the genetic qualities of his father Quidam de Revel, but I believe he passes on more rideability to his progeny. The bottom line is that he produces the goods,” says Dutch showjumper and dealer, Paul Hendrix.

In November 2004, Guidam was awarded a ‘Keur’ predicate by the KWPN and was the 2003-2004 leader on the jumping breeding index with a rating of 171! The 2016/17 KWPN breeding values have Guidam in 9th place with a jumping value of 144. 103 for conformation, 98 for loose movement, 107 for freejumping. He has sired 1031 progeny over four years old, 447 going on to compete (43.35%).
His stallion sons are at stud in Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, United States and Poland with a high percentage of predicate daughters also at stud.

Guidam was put down in April 2008, after injuring himself in an accident in a trailer. In that same year, on the podium at the Beijing Olympic Games, there were two sons of Guidam: Beezie Madden’s Authentic, and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson’s Ninja La Silla in the line-up for individual medals.

Reach For The Stars stands all of 16.3 h.h., very well built, with medium bone. He has a reliable and good attitude. Being “grey” Star “catches the eye”. The combination of proven top sires with the TB. element of Abgar (xx), makes Reach For The Stars a highly modern, stallion, but also a breeding recommendation for the ambitious breeder aiming to improve the hereditary of their mares.

To reach for the stars, to see, or book, this young stallion who has the biggest credentials in the firmament, contact Drumhowan Stud.

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